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Teach your expertise for beauty & share your knowledge to help students internationally, the way you’d like to!



Take your career as a Beauty Artist to another level

Are you someone who loves to share & teach your knowledge to others to help them? 

Have you always wanted to do what you love and earn passive income without being present at work?

Then you are at the right place , because we share the same interests as you!

good reasons to teach with us


Share your passion

Teach your expertise for beauty & share your knowledge to help students internationally, the way you’d like to!


Help others to find their purpose

Inspire students all over the world with your experience as a Pro and make them gain new skills, thanks to you!


Great work always gets rewarded

Grow your expertise and build your professional network by earning income for every paid enrollment!

How to get started

Create your course plan

Create an account on Alpha Makeup and choose a topic of your choice related to beauty and start planning the curriculum of your course. Our tip: Well structured and short informative lectures will keep your students more engaged with your course(s).

Here is how we’d support you

Contact us and let us know about your course plan and curriculum. Our course creator experts will review your plan and give you feedback on improvements.

Record your course content

Whether you start your course creation journey with a professional camera or your smartphone,is up to you. What is more important is your Audio quality. Make sure to invest in a good microphone! Our experts recommend a course length of two hours or more.

Here is how we’d support you

Contact us and send us a short sample video of your course content, so our team of experts can review your results and advise you on how to proceed.

Publish your course

Time to send us your course materials via an online cloud storage provider and lean back until your course is launched on Alpha Makeup. Once your course is online we’d recommend you to start your promotions by sharing coupons and referral links on your social networks.On your Instructor dashboard you will have an overview over your course enrollments & payment.

Here is how we’d support you:

Our advertisement experts will drive traffic to our website thanks to SEO optimizations & affiliate programs and promote your course(s) to potential students.


Already have a course ready?

If you are an Online Instructor already and want your course to be launched on Alpha Makeup, then contact us and let us preview your course! Once your course fulfills our course quality requirements we will let you know on how to proceed with the launch.

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