Alpha Makeup Cash-back Program

Our Loyal customers trust!

This is how it works!

Alpha-makeup provides a loyalty programme to customers who have made purchases on our website. If you have bought our online course, digital certificate, physical certificate, or makeup brush set, you can choose between cash or an alpha-makeup voucher as you wish!

To keep up with our upcoming offers, follow our Instagram account (Hajar & Alpha Makeup) and sign up for our newsletter using this form. Please note that our cash and voucher offers are limited. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Every program has its own rules and regulations, please read carefully before doing any action.


Our current programme is active.

*Before doing these steps make sure there are still available  Cash & Vouchers.

1. Please leave us a review on Google Reviews and Trustpilot.

2. Send us the screen shot of review and your certificate verification code.

(make sure the name on certificate and review are same)

3. Fill in the active forms below and get your reward.

Available Rewards,

If you bought Physical Certificate:

  • you are eligible to select 10Euro Cash back or Select up to 3 Voucher code.

For Digital Certificate:

  • you are eligible to select 3Euro Cash back or select up to 1 Voucher code.

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