A Sneak Peek into the Hottest Makeup Trends Of 2024

As we step into the new year, it’s time to revamp our makeup routines and embrace the latest trends that will dominate the beauty scene in 2024. From bold eye looks to soft, blurred lips, this year promises an array of exciting styles that cater to diverse tastes. Join us as we dive into the top 7 makeup trends set to take the beauty world by storm and discover some budget-friendly products that make achieving these trends a breeze.


Glossy Lips

Image Courtesy Pexels : Alena Darmel

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, 2024 brings forth the radiant trend of glossy lips. Bid farewell to matte monotony; it’s time to embrace the luscious sheen that adds a touch of glamour to your overall look. Whether you prefer a subtle hint of gloss or a high-shine statement, there’s a glossy lip trend for everyone this year.

Our favourite and budget-friendly recommendation is the Maybelline New York Lifter Gloss. Maybelline Lifter Gloss is a beauty essential for achieving perfect high-shine lips. Available in a variety of shades, this gloss not only adds a pop of color but also delivers a luscious, glossy finish. Elevate your lip game effortlessly with Maybelline Lifter Gloss for a radiant and glamorous look.

Comes in different shades on Amazon at 8.98$

Blurred Lips

Image Courtesy Pinterest

Step away from sharp lip lines and dive into the world of blurred lips. Liptints take center stage, offering a soft and effortless elegance to your lip look. Achieve a subtle gradient effect that adds a touch of romance to your overall appearance.

Our top recommendation for a lip tint is the widely acclaimed Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint. Renowned in the Korean beauty scene, this lip tint offers long-lasting color, a smooth velvet finish, and a lightweight feel. Enjoy vibrant, fade-resistant hues while keeping your lips moisturized and looking effortlessly chic with Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint.

On Amazon at 9.90$

Dewy Radiant Skin

Image Courtesy Pexels: Sora Shimazaki

What sets this trend apart is its ability to achieve a luminous look without the need for excessive makeup. The focus is on celebrating your unique features and enhancing them with a touch of radiance. Whether you’re a makeup minimalist or a beauty enthusiast, the Dewy Radiance trend caters to everyone, providing a fresh and modern approach to beauty. Stick to your skincare routine strictly and use a hydrating primer as your makeup base to achieve that natural glow.

Our recommendation for the perfect hydrating primer is the   e.l.f. Power Grip Primer + 4% Niacinamide. This gel-based and hydrating face primer not only creates the perfect canvas for your makeup but also harnesses the power of 4% Niacinamide for added skincare benefits. Enjoy a flawless finish, enhanced makeup longevity, and the nourishing properties  of this game-changing primer from e.l.f. Cosmetics

On Amazon at 9.99$

Bushy and Undone Brow-Look

Image Courtesy Pexels :Bruno Abdiel

Bid farewell to perfectly sculpted eyebrows and welcome the era of fluffy, undone brows. Tinted brow gels are your go-to product for achieving a natural and feathery look that enhances your facial features. Embrace the beauty of imperfect brows and showcase your effortless boldness.

For achieving the coveted fluffy, undone brow trend, we highly recommend NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue. This extreme hold tinted eyebrow gel effortlessly sculpts and sets your brows, ensuring a natural yet bold appearance.

On Amazon at 8.99$

Monochrome Makeup

Image Courtesy Pinterest : Viva Glam Magazine

Simplify your makeup routine with the monochrome look trend. Multitasking products take center stage, offering versatility in creating cohesive looks. From matching eyeshadows to blush and lips, this trend allows you to effortlessly coordinate your makeup for a polished and chic appearance.

Try out the monochrome makeup game with our top recommendation: e.l.f. Monochromatic Multi Stick. Luxuriously creamy and blendable, this multi-purpose stick is designed for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Achieve a seamless, harmonious look with this versatile product that effortlessly enhances your features. 

On Amazon at 5.00$

Clean Girl Aesthetic: Fresh and Minimal

Hailey Bieber wearing the "Clean Girl Makeup"- Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Less is more with the clean girl aesthetic. Adopt a fresh and minimal approach to your makeup routine, focusing on enhancing your natural beauty. Embrace neutral tones and subtle enhancements for a look that exudes simplicity and sophistication.

For achieving the perfect clean girl vibe, we wholeheartedly recommend the L’Oreal Paris True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum Foundation. This lightweight skin tint is the epitome of effortless beauty. Enriched with 1% Hyaluronic Acid, it not only provides a sheer and natural coverage but also ensures your skin stays hydrated throughout the day.

On Amazon at 14.99$

Graphic Eye Makeup: Bold and Expressive

Image Courtesy Pexels : Mohammad Reza Babaei

Make a statement with graphic eye makeup, a trend that invites you to unleash your creativity. Experiment with blue colorful eyeliner to add a pop of vibrancy to your eyes. Elevate your eye game by creating bold, expressive designs that showcase your individuality.

For those ready to embrace the bold and artistic Graphic Eye Makeup trend, we highly recommend NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Epic Wear Liquid Liner. This long-lasting, waterproof eyeliner is the perfect companion for creating intricate and precise eye looks.


On Amazon at 9.66$

Hajar, our makeup instructor, has embraced all seven trends in a recent YouTube video. Check it out to learn how to apply each trend and elevate your makeup game this year.

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