Achieve the Perfect Snatched Cat Eye Makeup for Beginners

A Step-By-Step Tutorial on The Perfect Cat Eye Makeup Look

Have you ever dreamt of having those flawless, elongated cat eyes without resorting to surgery or fillers? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can achieve that coveted look with just a few makeup essentials and a special tool we’re about to introduce. Hajar, our Makeup Instructor is going to teach you the easiest way to transform your eyes into stunning, snatched cat eyes using nothing more than eyeliner, eyeshadow, and an eye-lifting strap tool (the third requirement is optional, but it works wonders!)

Step 1: Prep with the Eye-Lifting Tool

Before we dive into the makeup magic, let’s talk about this game-changing tool. Simply attach the clips to your hair near your temples and adjust the strap’s tightness. This tool is a game-changer! Hajar stumbled upon it while working on a model, and it completely transformed her makeup look, making her eyes appear snatched and lifted. “As someone with hooded eyes, I found this tool especially helpful in lifting the skin that sometimes sags over my lids, instantly refreshing my look. Plus, it helps create a smooth canvas for eyeliner application, ensuring your wing stays sharp and precise. If you have hooded eyes or struggle with uneven eyeliner, this tool is a must-try!”-recommends Hajar.

Step 2: Create the Base

Start by contouring your entire mobile lid using a blending brush and a warm nude beige shade like “Smarty Pants” from the Tarte Tartelette Palette in Bloom. Apply it evenly across your lid and slightly above your crease. Concentrate on blending the outer part of your eyes into the crease.




Step 3: Begin the Eyeliner Transformation

Select a brown liquid eyeliner; we’re using one by Essence Cosmetics. Begin by applying thin eyeliner strokes. Keep your eyes open, and make sure the lines are consistently thin across your lash line. Don’t taper them gradually at the outer edge like you might usually do. It should be one equally thin line covering your entire lash line.




Step 4: Add a Tear Duct Detail

To elongate your eyes, especially if they’re somewhat round, apply a small, thin, v-shaped wing around your tear duct. Keep it subtle and petite. If you have close-set eyes, skip this step to avoid bringing your eyes even closer together.




Step 5: Craft the Perfect Wing

Now, it’s time to create the wing. Extend your upper lash line with a single stroke. To shape the wing into a triangle, connect it back to the upper lash line and fill it in. Apply an additional line on top of the wing to add a touch of thickness. For an optional lift, draw a thin stroke starting from the sharpest end of the wing and extending towards the center of your upper lid, just above the crease fold. This step can help further elevate your eyes.




Step 6: Smudge and Define

Take an angled eyeliner brush and dip it into the brown eyeshadow shade “Activist,” which matches your eyeliner. Apply a small amount on top of the graphic line. Then, use a smudger brush without product or a lighter eyeshadow shade (like “Smarty Pants”) to smudge the graphic line in small, upward motions. These finishing touches add depth and dimension to your cat eye.




Step 7: Lash Lift and Mascara

Before mascara, consider using a lash curler to lift your lashes. Apply your mascara of choice; we’re using Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara in Cosmic Black. Two coats on your upper lashes and a touch on your lower lashes will do wonders.




Step 8: Falsies (Optional)

Your cat eye already looks stunning without falsies, but if you’re feeling extra, go ahead and apply a pair of natural-looking lashes. Avoid overly dramatic ones that might cover your beautiful artwork. Trim them to match your natural lash line size and place them slightly closer to the outer edge of your lash line, pressing them securely against your lid.

And there you have it—the perfect snatched cat eye makeup look! With just a few makeup essentials and the right techniques, you can elevate your eye game to the next level. We hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you’re eager to see all these tips and tricks in action, head over to our YouTube channel and watch Hajar demonstrate the entire process step by step. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel for more fantastic makeup tutorials and inspiration every weekend!

Happy Snatching! 🐱💄

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