How To Wear Eye Makeup Trends of 2023 With These Tips & Tricks

As we’ve entered 2023, new eye makeup trends are emerging and taking the beauty world by storm. From playful and flirty to bold and edgy, there’s a trend to suit every style. Let’s explore three of the most popular eye makeup trends of 2023!

1.Coquette/Doe Eyes Trend​

Coquette Eyes: Coquette eyes are all about flirtatious and playful looks. This trend is characterized by soft, feminine shades of eyeshadow, with a focus on shades like pink, peach, and mauve. The aim of coquette eyes is to create a doe-eyed look that is both innocent and playful. The key to achieving this look is to keep the eyeshadow light and airy, and to focus on adding length and volume to the lashes.

Zendaya at the SAG Awards 2023 wearing Coquette Look
Zendaya, the popular American actress and singer, is known for her stunning and versatile fashion and beauty looks. In one of her recent appearances, she was spotted wearing the coquette eyes trend, which is all about playful and feminine shades of eyeshadow. Zendaya’s coquette eyes look featured soft pink and mauve eyeshadow shades, which were expertly blended to create a light and airy effect. She also added length and volume to her lashes, which complemented the overall doe-eyed look. With her effortless charm and style, Zendaya’s coquette eyes look is a great inspiration for those looking to try out this trend.



2.Siren Eyes Trend by Bella

Siren Eyes: Siren eyes are bold and seductive, designed to turn heads and captivate attention. This trend is all about smoked out yet dramatic  looking eyeliner and lashes. The aim is to create a smoky, smoldering look that is both mysterious and alluring. To achieve this look, focus on blending dark shades of eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner to smoke out the look.The eyeliner is pointed more straight towards the temples instead of upwards. This effect will instantly elongate the eyes. “The perfect makeup look for hooded, droopy and downturned eyes”, according to Hajar, our Makeup Instructor.

Siren eyes- A Trend started by Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid, the famous American model, is known for her striking and sultry makeup looks, and her signature style includes the siren eyes trend. Siren eyes are all about creating a seductive and mysterious look, and Bella Hadid’s makeup artist often uses deep shades of eyeshadow like burgundy, purple, or black, to achieve this look. With her almond-shaped eyes, she often opts for a dramatic cat-eye using liquid eyeliner, and completes the look with bold lashes. Bella’s siren eyes look is a great inspiration for those who want to achieve a bold and edgy makeup look.



3.Graphic Eyeliner Trend

Graphic Eyeliner Eyes: If you’re looking for a bold and edgy look, the graphic eyeliner trend is for you. This trend is all about using bright, bold shades of eyeliner to create striking graphic shapes and lines. From neon pinks and oranges to electric blues and greens, there are endless possibilities for creating unique and eye-catching looks. To achieve this trend, experiment with different shapes and patterns, such as bold geometric shapes or intricate floral designs.

Dua Lipa rocking the Colorful Graphic Eyeliner's Trend
Dua Lipa has been seen sporting various graphic eyeliner styles. She has been spotted wearing negative space liner designs, geometric shapes, and bold winged liner looks. Her makeup looks often feature bright and bold colors, adding to the overall impact of the graphic eyeliner designs.
Her use of graphic eyeliner has been influential in popularizing the trend and inspiring others to experiment with this bold makeup style. Whether worn for a night out or a photoshoot, graphic eyeliner is a fun and creative way to showcase one’s personality and individuality.

How to apply these trends step-by-step..

Now that you know about the trends, we want to help you apply them! So if you want to learn how to recreate these eye makeup trends in a step-by-step manner, our instructor Hajar has created a YouTube tutorial just for you. In her tutorial, she walks you through each look and provides helpful tips and tricks to ensure that you can recreate the looks at home with ease. So, be sure to check out Hajar’s tutorial and practice these eye makeup trends to elevate your makeup game in 2023!

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