Smokey Eyes for Mature Hooded Eyes

Mature hooded eyes can present a unique challenge when it comes to creating the perfect smokey eye look. However, with the right technique and a few essential tips, you can easily achieve a stunning black smokey eye that enhances your natural beauty. Our talented makeup instructor, Hajar, has recently shared her special technique in a live stream makeup class on YouTube. Today, we’ll be discussing Hajar’s method and how you can replicate it at home with simple steps.

Important Factors to Consider:

When working with mature hooded eyes, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the right products: Opt for long-lasting, crease-resistant, and highly pigmented eyeshadows and liners. This will ensure that your smokey eye stays put throughout the day.
  2. Prepare the eyelid: Make sure to prime your eyelids before applying any makeup. This will create a smooth base and help prevent creasing.
  3. Use the right brushes: Invest in high-quality brushes for precise application and seamless blending. Our Alpha Deluxe vegan 12pcs Brush-Set has the perfect eye brush sets for a pair of seamless smokey eyes.

Our Expert's Technique for Black Smokey Eyes

Get to know our Expert’s technique on how to apply the perfect smokey eye makeup on mature hooded eyes. Hajar’s technique is all about layering the products to prevent patches, creasing, and transferring. Here’s how you can achieve this look in simple steps:



  1. Start by applying a creamy, gel-textured black eyeliner as a base. This will create a foundation for the smokey eye and help the eye shadow adhere better.
  2. Slowly build up the intensity by applying dark eye shadow shades like black and dark brown. Focus on the outer corners of the eyes and blend towards the center.Slowly get closer to the crease fold and stay right under the crease fold with the darkest shades.
  3. Now apply a lighter brown eye shadow just slightly above the crease fold. This will create a gradient effect and add dimension to your smokey eye.
  4. Finally, use a clean blending brush to blend out any hard edges, ensuring a seamless transition between the colors.

Take Your Makeup Skills to the Next Level with Hajar's Live Stream Classes:

If you want to learn more techniques and tips from Hajar, be sure to check out her live stream class booking options on To book a makeup coaching session with Hajar, simply follow the instructions on this page.

In case you’ve missed Hajar’s previous group live stream class, don’t worry! You can rewatch the entire session on YouTube and catch up on her expert techniques for creating smokey eyes on mature hooded eyes.

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